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2018-19 Student Tech Pages

Check out the Student Tech Pages created by students with code!

These web pages were created using the Sublime text editor.  The students used HTML5 and CSS (embedded and inline) to design their first webpages completely from scratch. 

Some students chose to tackle the challenge of learning javascript to make an interactive animation using the canvas element!

You can download the Sublime text editor for free.  Please note that text editors aren't equipped with spell check because so many of the words used for coding are combined with other words ('fillStyle'), shortened ('var' for 'variable'), or mixed with numbers ('var2').  While proper grammar and spelling are important, the primary objective is to learn the logic of coding.  An analogy would be building a house; it's more important that the house can protect you from the elements than that the trim matches the door.

We use W3 Schools site as a reference for much of the coding we do.

pages are listed ALPHABETICALLY by grade;

 Spring 2018/2019

8th grade 

Aldo and John's sneaker randomizer app

Alyson and Avery's cow racing app

Braedon and Quin's block dodging app

Collin and Diego's dodging app

Cooper's balloon popping clicker app

Jack and Tyler's pizza clicker app

Landen and Sam's grappling game app

Louella and Rori's underwater app

Olivia's sliding Mrs. Cleverdon app

Shelby's the Sides app

8th grade WIN

Josh's spaceship app

7th grade 

Corinne's cribbage page

Deven's creatures page

Emerson's Lulu page

Emma's kitties page

Finn's water slide page

Hunter F's dirtbike page

Hunter S's Dead Rising page

Jessica's dog page

Josh's Dragon Ball page

Kambryn's betta page

Kyle's macarons page

Madie's doggos page

Owen's North American bears page

4th grade WIN

Caedence flying pig app

Delilah's Flying Fireballs game

Heath's Penguin clicker game

Robert's Asteroids Mission Alpha game




 Winter 2018/2019

8th grade 

Aiden and Evan's interactive fish tank

Camilla's Pac-man animation

Carter's interactive solar system

Carter and Rocco's road dash

Cooper's basketball animation

Dan's yeezy customization page

Jeff's soccer animation

Jillian, Lindsay, & Maya's crocs page

Makayla's shark tooth page

Sawyer's waffle selector

Talia's questions page

Team Bogification's Bogie Run game

7th grade

Ben's donut page

Colby's dirtbike page

Evelyn's doggos page

Julia's Bravery page

Justin's shark facts page

Katelyn's cats page

Kathryn's boots page

Lefika's shark page

Lucas' beaver pages

Logan's Lebron vs Curry rookie year page

Pearson's sports page

Rebecca's labrador page

Sawyer's potato page

TJ's snart page

Lilly's youTuber page

WIN 4th

Delilah's lion head animation

Evony's jellyfish animation

Heath's awesome ruins animation

Jonah's husky animation


Fall 2018

8th grade 

Cam, Delaney, and Paige's coloring pages

Curtis, Josh, and Matthew's meteor game page

Emma, Hannah, and Riley's coloring pages

Hadley's bird animation

Lucas and Matt's what's up page

Matt C's bouncing ninja page

Max A's spinning barrel page

Max F's bouncing smile page

Quinn's bouncing face page

Ramon's bouncing text page

7th grade

Addison's soccer page

Bronson's cat page

David's husky page

Emily's horse page

Ethan's Ali page

Jacob's youTube channel page

Joe's Fortnite page

Jordyn's bulldog page

Josh's cartoon page

Kevin's constellation page

Nicole's quote page

Sophia's dog page

Stone's Sadie page











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