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2016-17 Student Tech Pages

Check out the Student Tech Pages created by students with code!

These web pages were created using the Sublime text editor.  The students used HTML5 and CSS (embedded and inline) to design their first webpages completely from scratch. 

Some students chose to tackle the challenge of learning javascript to make an interactive animation using the canvas element!

You can download the Sublime text editor for free.  Please note that text editors aren't equipped with spell check because so many of the words used for coding are combined with other words ('fillStyle'), shortened ('var' for 'variable'), or mixed with numbers ('var2').  While proper grammar and spelling are important, the primary objective is to learn the logic of coding.  An analogy would be building a house; it's more important that the house can protect you from the elements than that the trim matches the door.

We use W3 Schools site as a reference for much of the coding we do.

16-17 Spring Trimester Webpages

Pages are listed by grade then alphabetically:

     8th Grade  

Alexa's Flower Page

Amelia's Corgi Page

Amanda's Flash Page

Avery's Pineapple Page

Bridget's Sloth Page

Brinn's Harry Potter Page

Chayton's 'Goatbrook' Page

Connor's Greek gods Page

Dathan's Rocket Animation

Despina's Koala Page

Emily's Sun and Moon Animation

Eric's Malaria Page

Ethan's Grocery Animation

Gabe's Plane Animation

Gio's Curry Page

Iris's Pasta Page

Jocelyn's Flash Page

Jonah's Top Ten Anime Page

Kelsey's Zentangle Page

Lily's Tarasenko Page

Logan's Sushi Page

Megan's Egg Animation

Melanie's "Shipping" Page

Mya's Egg Animation

Nick's Solar System Page

Nico's Pokemon Animation

Sybal's Ice Cream Page

Tarsavanh's Music Page

William's Minecraft Page

    WIN Projects

Jeff's Soccer Game

Zack's Sledder Game

16-17 Winter Trimester Webpages

Pages are listed by grade then alphabetically:

     7th Grade  

Avery's Soccer Page

Bella's Cake Decorating Page

Ben's Batman Page

Chris' Cooking Site

Claire's Fruit Page

Drake's Space Goat Page

Elen's Plane Page

Garrett's Sidestepping Animation

Graham's Scratch Projects Page

Haley's Horse Page

Ian's Hockey Page

Jackson's Weird Face Animation

Jacob's Airsoft Page

Jenna's Zodiac Page

Jonah's Football Page

Julia's Doughnut Page

Julia's Elephant Page

Keenan's Skateboarder Animation

Kyle's Vlogger Page

Leah's Heart Page

Matt's Scooter Page

Megan's Vegetable Page

Nate's Xenomorph Page

Owen's Fallen of WWII Page

Sofia's Book Page

Stella's Baked Goods Page

Tatum's Giraffe Page

Tyler's Hockey Tips and Tricks Page

Victoria C's Makeup Page

Victoria G's Potato Page

Zach's Baseball Tips Page 

Zack W's Toxic Pekka Page

     WIN Projects  

Braedon's Race Game

John's Surfer Game

Louella's Grandma Game

Max's Wizard Game

Maya's Frog game

16-17 Fall Trimester Webpages

Pages are listed by grade then alphabetically:

  8th Grade  

Adam's Dusty Baseball Page

Alex's Waffle World

Alexis' Candy Page

Cami's Shooting Star Animation 

Caroline's Purple Page

Eriq's Trump Page

James' Baseball Page

Kellen's Flopping Page

Keri's Duck Page

Kileigh's Hawaiian Page

Kyra's Young Marines Page

Mallory's Doughnut Page

Nick's Volcano Page

Vivianna's Baking Page

Zach's Clown Page

  7th Grade  

Adela's Mythical Creatures Page

Allison's Halloween Page

Chloe's Bacon Page

Dylan's Animated Eyeball

Huck's Seven Dwarves Page

Jayliena's Nemo Page

Julia's Pizza Page

Livey's Clicker Page

Maggie's Horse Page

Mambi's Paid Athletes Page

Nate's Animation

Preston's Animated Dinosaur

Sara's What Would You Click Page

Shannon's Strawberry Page

Tim's Car Animation

Zach's Running Page

Zoe's Eye Page


Diego's Alien Game

Rori's Soccer Game

Max's Devil Dodge


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